Outreach with FLARECAST

A full work package dedicated to dissemination and communication, outreach was a major topic during the entire project.

FLARECAST members engaged with the public in as many ways as they could, making use of all kinds of opportunities to link with their local communities: at science festivals, during open door days, at informal learning workshops, at public talks, with the media both locally and nationally, with people from industries and governments interested in using the results.

The FLARECAST outreach pages contain everything we did to engage with society; they are the ones to support our work and they should, finally, benefit from it. You will find:

Communication on eye level allowed people not involved in science to get an idea not only about the project itself but also about what is going on at the cutting edges of science, how contemporary science actually works and how technology is involved in all of this. The learning curve was high on both sides, as scientists got to meet people outside their habitual social communities. In fact, some communication partners had quite concrete expectations in respect to FLARECAST’s output. Science definitely left the ivory tower.

Last but not least, we aimed at giving a face to the European dimension in research within the HORIZON2020 framework. You may get an impression in the video FLARECAST Faces and Voices:


Should you have any questions or comments about FLARECAST outreach, please contact the outreach coordinator Hanna Sathiapal.

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