FLARECAST Science Workshop

Observatoire de Paris, Meudon, 2017 June 26-29

The workshop is divided into two parts.  From Monday 26 morning to Tuesday at 13h the workshop is a closed discussion between the members of the FLARECAST consortium. From Tuesday 27 afternoon to Thursday evening, the workshop is open to invited scientists external to the consortium to discuss the results of the FLARECAST project and flare prediction in general.

Participants at the FLARECAST science workshop



(draft version of June 9th, minor changes are still possible)

Monday – Tuesday noon: FLARECAST consortium meeting
Tuesday afternoon – Thursday: Science Workshop:

PDF version of the Science Workshop agenda

Tuesday afternoon, June 27

Activity Detail Speaker Start Time
1 Group Departure from Montparnasse train station 01:00 PM
2 Welcome Pariat & Vilmer 02:00 PM
3 FLARECAST Overview Georgoulis/Bloomfield 02:10 PM
4 PizzaCast – a culinary, technical view of the FLARECAST infrastructure Soldati 02:40 PM
5 Studies of flare prediction in PSTEP: Toward the physics-based prediction Kusano 03:20 PM
6 Break – Coffee/Tea 04:00 PM
7 Research toward determining available flare energies: Trying to answer “how big will it be? Leka 04:30 PM
8 Non-neutralized currents as predictors of flaring activity Kontogiannis 05:00 PM
9 FLARECAST Public Engagement Strategies Csillaghy 05:40 PM
10 New Trends in Public Engagement with Astronomy & Space Sciences Russo 06:00 PM
11  CANCELLED: ESTERS: space weather at the Paris Observatory Briand 06:20 PM
12 Break – End of day 06:20 PM
Conference dinner : Restaurant l’Empreinte (more details below) 08:30 PM

Wednesday, June 28

Activity Detail Speaker Start Time
1 Group Departure from Montparnasse train station 08:20 AM
2 Photospheric Shear Flows in Solar Active Regions and Their Relation to Flare Occurrence Park 09:20 AM
3 Solar flare statistics and prediction Wheatland 10:00 AM
4 Feature selection for solar flare forecasting by using SDO/HMI data Campi 10:40 AM
5 Break – Coffee/Tea 11:20 AM
6 A Comparison of Classifiers for Solar Energetic Events Barnes 11:50 AM
7 The EUHFORIA project Poedts 12:30 PM
8 Break – Lunch 01:10 PM
9 The PROGRESS project Balikhin 02:20 PM
10 Forecasting solar flares using magnetogram-based predictors and machine learning Florios 03:00 PM
11 Radial vs line-of-sight field in calculating active region magnetic properties Guerra 03:40 PM
12 Break – Coffee Tea 04:20 PM
13 The HELCATS project Rouillard 04:40 PM
14 How to calculate solar flare precursors using time series of the Differential Emission Measure averaged over flaring active regions Gontikakis 05:20 PM
15 Evaluating & Improving Forecasts: Upcoming Activities. Leka 06:00 PM
16 Break – End of Day 06:40 PM
17 Small Cocktail 06:40 PM

Thursday, June 29

Activity Detail Speaker Start Time
1 Group Departure from Montparnasse train station 08:20 AM
2 Toward a future integrated forecasting system: linking solar-flare to CME and SEP prediction Georgoulis 09:20 AM
3 Investigating the 2D photospheric signatures of eruptivity Guennou 10:00 AM
4 Analysing large solar observations data sets using MEDOC services Buchlin 10:40 AM
5 Break – Coffee/Tea 11:20 AM
6 Short-term predictions of CMEs and SEPs at 1 AU: radio observations and some results of the HESPERIA and ORME projects Klein 11:50 AM
7 Unsupervised machine learning methods for flare prediction Massone 12:30 PM
8 Break – Lunch 01:10 PM
9 On the evolution of pre-flare patterns in 3D real and simulated ARs Korsós 02:10 PM
10 Regression methods for flare prediction Benvenuto 02:50 PM
11 Relative magnetic helicity as a diagnostic of solar eruptivity Pariat 03:20 PM
12 Conclusion Pariat & Vilmer 04:00 PM
13 Break – Coffee/Tea – End of Day 04:10 PM
14 Visit of the Meudon Observatory Guennou & Pariat 04:40 PM



Lunch for the participants of the workshop will be freely provided to each participant by the meeting organisers, in the cafeteria of the Meudon Observatory.


How to get to the Meudon Observatory

Join the group
Chloé Guennou and Etienne Pariat will organise daily group transfers from Montparnasse station to the conference room of the Meudon Observatory. The journey will consist of taking the “Transilien” suburb train between “Gare de Montparnasse” and “Meudon” train stations and a 20 minutes uphill walk from the Meudon train station to the Observatory. Train tickets will be provided for the public transport between Paris and the Meudon Observatory. For those who would have difficulties to walk from the Meudon train station, a very limited number of spots would be available in a transport by car.

For those travelling to Meudon individually, see the access information below.

When to meet?
Generally one hour before the workshop starts:

– Monday Consortium Meeting: 8h10
– Tuesday morning Consortium Meeting: 8h10
– Tuesday afternoon Science Workshop: 13h
– Wednesday Science Workshop: 8h20
– Thursday Science Workshop: 8h20

Please be strictly  on time as we will not be able to wait for latecomers!

Where to meet?
In front of the central access (named “Porte Océane”) of the Montparnasse station on the forecourt/parvis of the Montparnasse train station. This entrance is facing the Montparnasse tower.

GPS coordinates of the meeting point: 48.84136, 2.3206

When you see this, you are there!



Access for individual travellers

Meudon is a city on the outskirt of Paris about 10 km from the center of Paris. It can be reached from downtown Paris by different public transports. We recommend to the participants of the workshop to find an accommodation in the Montparnasse neighbourhood or Paris (cf. accommodation). From Montparnasse there is a direct train to Meudon.

Coming from Montparnasse station in Paris, take a suburban train (line N) direction “Sèvres Rive gauche”, possibly “Versailles Chantier” or  “Rambouillet” or “Mantes-la-Jolie”. Trains to Meudon are running every 15 minutes. On the train platform, check the screen that confirms that the train indeed stops in Meudon. The train ride is about 10-15 minutes. There are two possible stops:

  • If you get off at the 3rd stop: Meudon. Outside the station, go on your right, walk 200m, turn right then go straight, up to the climbing street. That is the faster but more straining way.
  • If you get off at the 4th stop: Meudon-Bellevue. Outside the station, turn left and go straight on “Avenue du Château”. The pedestrian entrance is at the end of the street. That is the smoother but longer way. Note that there is a local bus which is leaving from this train station every hour, stopping by the Observatory. Ask the organisers for more details.

The uphill walk, from either stations to the Observatory is about 15-25 minutes. From the Montparnasse train station to the conference room, one should consider a 35-50 minutes travel time. A group departure shall be organised each morning from the Montparnasse station.

More information on how to reach the Meudon site of the Paris Observatory, e.g. by car or other public transport, can be found on the LESIA website.



The workshop will take place at the Meudon site of the Paris Observatory, in the conference room of the historic building of the Meudon Observatory.  This building is nicknamed “Le chateau/the castle” or the great coupola.

Within the site of the Meudon Observatory, the conference room is in the Building 9 on the topographic map below:


The pedestrian entrance is located at: Place Jules Janssen, 92195 Meudon Cedex, France

One shall enter through the large grid in the public garden and IMMEDIATELY turn right toward the entrance proper of the Observatory where a small guardhouse is located. One should not advance far into the public garden.


Conference Dinner

The conference dinner will take place on Tuesday June, 27th, at 20h30 at the Restaurant L’Empreinte, in the “Denfert-Rochereau” neighborhood. This is a traditional French restaurant serving freshly-cooked market-based food. The menu includes: 1 aperitif, 1 starter, 1 main course, 1 dessert, 1/2 bottle of wine and a coffee or tea.

The restaurant is located 5, rue Mouton-Duvernet (Metro 4 – Mouton-Duvernet) ; GPS coordinates: 48.831534, 2.329215

You can go there either  by using the subway Line 4 – Direction Montrouge, stopping at “Mouton Duvernet” or by walking from Montparnasse Station – about 20 min.

If you go to the restaurant directly from the workshop in Meudon, the Paris subway journey on Metro Line 4 is included in the Meudon-Montparnasse ticket:  no need to buy another subway ticket in that case.



We do not have preferential accommodation neither special prices in any hotel. We recommend that participants stay in the neighbourhood of the Montparnasse train station to benefit from a good balance between access to the Meudon Observatory and enjoyment of a bit of nightlife. Meudon is a very calm city with a very limited choice of restaurants at night.

Below is a list of hotel for indication. We have not tested them and cannot specifically recommend them. The prices are indicative. Note that June is a high touristic season. We highly recommend that you carry your own investigation through a standard hotel reservation platform.

Hotels in Meudon, at different walking distance from the Observatory

Close to the Val-Fleury RER C line suburbain station Hotel-Restaurant De la Gare, 19, Rue Banes, 92190 Meudon Val Fleury, No website, Telephone : +33 1 46 26 11 85

Ibis Budget Paris Ouest, 3 bis, rue de Paris , 92190 MEUDON (35 minutes walk uphill from Observatory)

Hotels between Meudon and Paris, close to train station

Adagio Vanves Porte de Chatillon, 5 Rue Aristide Briand, 92170 Vanves, Double : 95 €

Adagio Vanves Porte de Versailles, 26 32 rue Jean Bleuzen, 92170 Vanves, Double : 95 €

Hotel close (less than 10 min walk) to the Montparnasse train station that leads to Meudon

Hotel de la Gaité, 7 rue Vandamme, 75014 Paris, Double: 136 €

Arotel, 74 bd. Edgar Quinet, 75014 Paris

Hotel Edgar Quinet, 17 bd. Edgar Quinet, 75014  Paris,  Double : 142 €

Hôtel de Nantes, 33 bd. du Montparnasse, 75006 Paris

Hôtel Miramar, 6 pl. Bienvenue, 75015 Paris, Double 120€

Hotel Odessa, 28 rue d’Odessa, 75014 Paris, Double : 100€

Central Hotel Paris, 1 bis rue du Maine, 75014  Paris, Double: 120€

Hotel du Parc, 6 rue Jolivet, 75014 Paris France, Double: 125€

TimHotel Montparnasse , 22 rue de l’Arrivée, 75015 Paris, Double: 115 €

TimHotel Gaité Montparnasse, 8 rue d’Odessa, 75014 Paris, Double: 135 €