Public Outreach

Whenever we engage in public events, we notice how easy it is to arouse people’s interest in the Sun and space weather. The topic is not only suited to make the public aware of a particular research project but also to enthuse them with science and technology beyond our area of specialization.

The FLARECAST team consists of scientists, mathematicians, ICT-specialists and a science communicator. We speak English, French, Greek, Italian and German. For other languages, we can find someone from our network to support us. Should you wish to engage someone from the FLARECAST team for your event, please contact the project coordinator Manolis Georgoulis or the science communicator Hanna Sathiapal.

Outreach blog
About how we engage with the public and where future developments in the relationship between science and society point to.

Outreach activities
An illustrated list of our public engagement activities: science festivals, talks and children’s workshops.

Outreach resources
A collection of materials useful for outreach in solar physics, spaceweather, and our specialized fied: solar flare forecasting.

Children’s workshops
Introduction to SunSpotter Citizen Science for 10-13-year-olds
Watch out Explosion! for 7-9-year-olds

Space weather and solar flare forecasting
Background information about space weather, solar flares and how we forecast them.